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Free cancellation and booking changes

Book confidently with us, even if you are not sure if your journey will happen. Only by booking directly on our Rixwell Hotels official website will you receive the most flexible conditions for changing or cancelling your booking. Namely, the opportunity to:

  • cancel the booking 24 hours before the day of check-in;
  • change the dates of booking;
  • change the number of days of booking;
  • change the number of booked rooms;
  • change the number of guests.

Book a room in one of the Rixwell hotels and be sure that we will meet your needs and requirements, even if your plans change drastically. 

Our hotel is a safe place for stay. All our rooms are regularly ventilated, hand sanitizers provided throughout the hotel, staff are trained to work in the current circumstances and strictly observe hygiene rules. Mass gatherings of people in one place are prohibited.

We are committed to the safety and offer all the necessary conditions: contactless payments, contactless food delivery to your door(breakfast, lunch, dinner, room service), private shower and toilet in each room, Internet and TV available 24/7. We can even arrange a doctor yo visit you if required.

And remember - Latvia is one of the safest destinations!


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